2021 Happy Spring Festival​
2021-02-04 16:07

The 2021 "Happy Spring Festival​, Happy Family Reunion" special program "A Bite of China, Tasting Afro-Asia", produced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, along with the CMG Asian and African Languages Programming Center, aims to enhance communication, mutual learning and ties between the peoples of China and West Asian and North African countries, in an effort to promote cultural and tourism exchanges among China and Asian and African countries after the epidemic. This program, a collection of traditional Chinese Spring Festival delicacies, reflects the culture and landscape of West Asian and North African countries and their food preparation. Audiences will follow two pairs of Chinese and foreign hosts to discover snacks in Beijing in the north of China and Suzhou in the south, to understand the beautiful lives of the Chinese people today, and to hear from friends from Asian and African countries living in these two cities about their relationship with Chinese food. At the end of the program, Chinese and foreign friends will gather for a reunion dinner, symbolizing the wish of the people of China and Asian and African countries to welcome the new year, renew friendship and pray for good fortune together.

A Bite of China, Tasting Afro-Asia